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What Is The Modern Mystery School ? Is It a Cult?

modern mystery school not a cult

The Modern Mystery School is a group of Light workers from all over the world who have a few things in common and is definitely not a cult. These individuals have been inducted into this group based on their passion, compassion, and deep desire to be of service to others. There are two main offices for the community. One main office is located in Tokyo and the other is located in Toronto.

The individuals who are in this collective are in total agreement with the saying ‘Know Thyself’, and they believe that once a person is able to know who they truly are, it is only then they will be able to understand the universe, other individuals and who or what they know as God.

The overall mission and goal of this group of Light workers is simple. These individuals are striving for peace all over the world. Members of this group are not part of some cult but believe they are in service to everyone, and it part of their responsibility to help ascend the human consciousness in this world.

This mission is not new to those who are part of this community. They, and those who came before them have working on the mission for more than 3,000 years.

As mentioned above, each member goes through an initiation. So, what is an initiation? As a verb, the word means start something or to start a process. Once a person’s initiation begins, energies begin to move. It is these energies that will help a person as they go through their spiritual and personal transformations.

The experiences that the individual had up to the point of initiation become even more enhanced once the process begins.

The initiation process is the physical anchor that a person’s spiritual side uses as they begin to use their light powers.

The knowledge that is passed down when a person is getting ready for their initiation ultimately becomes a template that the person can use so they are able to live a life that is empowering. In addition, it is this knowledge that gives the individual the power to create the life they want to live through manifestation.

Many people who are interested in joining the community are not sure if the Initiation is for them. The community asks that individuals who are interested in being a part of the collective ask themselves several questions first. Some of these questions are:

  • Do they want to make a difference in the world?
  • Do they feel as though there is a higher purpose that they need to fulfill?
  • Are they sure they are ready to do what it takes in order to live a life that is more abundant and fulfilled?
  • Are they committed to growing spiritually?
  • Do they have a feeling of inner resonance whenever they come into contact with someone from MMS?

If you feel as though you cannot find the words to describe it, but you have a strong inner knowing that you were meant to help humanity through your own spiritual growth and inner transformation, you should speak to a Modern Mystery School practitioner. Always trust your intuition. Do not be afraid to take the first step that can truly transform your life.