The Most Elegantly Designed Event Venues Toronto

If you’re on the hunt for event venues Toronto, you should definitely check out Liberty Grand! This ever-famous complex was built in the early 1900’s, 1926 to be exact and is classified as being one of the few prestige heritage complexes in all of Toronto. To date, this classy complex boasts a beautiful waterfront and consists of three of the most exquisitely designed grand ballrooms in all of Toronto. Its decor features timeless class and of course true elegance from the earlier portion of the 1900’s all in a modernized conceptual open room.

Additionally, there’s a stunning view of Lake Ontario which can be seen from the dashing windows that run from the floor straight up to the ceiling. And get this, the ceiling goes to a whopping thirty foot, so you can just imagine how perfectly painted you or your bride would look with such a backdrop. The room also consists of balconies that are iron-laced and some breathtakingly beautiful crystal chandeliers. So, if you’re on the lookout for event venues Toronto, Liberty Grand is sure to create an experience that you won’t ever forget.

While you and your guests pass the night away in laughter, excitement and true bliss, you’re sure to experience a truly luxurious feel with more than just a hint of elegance. Additionally, the complex also features a grand courtyard styled to make anyone feel as though they are in Europe itself. The courtyard is home to several of the most majestic looking domes that you’ve ever set your eyes on and those tall columns that almost tower straight to the sky which all fall into place as your event takes a dive into deep history!

Here at the Liberty Grand, you will be able to celebrate more than just a wedding, you can also book for social and corporate events alike! So, if you’re looking to create the most unforgettable social experience or you’re getting married, the Liberty Grand can house groups of almost any size between 100 to 1000 guests. And, they take the most pleasure in making you feel truly at home as you create a new milestone in your life. Due to their experiences, weddings and receptions are gracefully hosted by those who pay extra attention to details.

When you book at the complex, you have the option to take the entire facility or just one room. And, you can be sure that everything will fall right into place. If you’re looking for something more on the corporate side, Liberty Grand will accommodate both small and larger groups. So, you can finally host your holiday as well as Christmas parties and even fundraisers along with meetings in a stylish environment with the perfect backdrop.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect venue to host any type of event, the Liberty Grand does it all for you! Both you and your guests will have spacious parking and an almost endless space to create memories that more than last a lifetime. And, there’s very little you need to do in order to plan your perfect day!